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Characteristics of 301 stainless steel coil


301 stainless steel coil has the following characteristics:

High strength: It has high yield strength and tensile strength, which is stronger than other stainless steel types and has advantages in applications with higher strength requirements.

Good corrosion resistance: It has good corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of most common corrosive media, such as acids, alkalis, water and some chemicals.

Excellent cold working performance: It has good cold working performance and can be formed by bending, rolling, stretching, etc., and is suitable for making various complex parts and components.

High temperature stability: It has good stability in high temperature environments and can maintain good mechanical properties and antioxidant properties.

Easy to weld and process: It has good weldability and can be connected using conventional welding methods. Additionally, it is easy to cut, drill, and process.

Has a certain elasticity: It has a certain elasticity and can return to its original shape after being subjected to external force. It is suitable for applications that require elastic properties.

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