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Why have more and more designer bags started using kraft paper Handbag?


I believe we should know that a few years ago, when I went to buy clothes and shoes in a famous brand mall, the Handbag that I got for taking the Handbag for packing was mostly plastic. In recent years, however, I suddenly found that a lot of famous brand shopping malls started using handbag of kraft paper. How did this happen?

1. Kraft Paper Handbag, as a new environmentally friendly material, has the advantages of easy decomposition and recycling. As an international enterprise, Kraft Paper Handbag is chosen to conform to the social environmental protection trend.

2. Kraft Paper Handbag, compared with other Paper Handbag(such as white card Paper Handbag, black card Paper Handbag, special Paper Handbag), is cheaper. As a fast-fashion brand enterprise, Maximum cost control has always been a priority.

3. Still in terms of cost, the biggest difference between fast fashion companies and luxury goods industry is the appearance of Paper Handbag.

On the contrary, in the luxury industry, Paper Handbag with various processes that make you dizzy cannot be realized with Kraft Paper Handbag.

In fact, we have seen that more and more domestic enterprises are also using Kraft Paper Handbag. On the one hand, the Handbag of Kraft paper responds to the call of environmental protection, and on the other hand, they consider for customers that compared with plastic Handbag, the Handbag of Kraft paper is obviously of better quality and needs to be recycled more times.


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