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what does intermediate mean?


Intermediates refer to compounds used as reaction intermediates in organic synthesis reactions to obtain target products through multi-step reaction conversion.

Intermediates are intermediate products that use coal tar or petroleum products as raw materials to manufacture dyes, pesticides, medicines, resins, additives, plasticizers, etc. Because it was originally used to make dyes, it is also called dye intermediates. Intermediates refer to semi-finished products, which are intermediate products in the production of certain products. For example, if a product is to be produced, it can be produced from intermediates to save costs.

1. The role of intermediates in organic synthesis

Intermediates are crucial compounds in organic synthetic chemistry. They can serve as key intermediate links in reactions, connect multiple reaction substrates and generate target compounds under appropriate conditions. Different types of organic reactions require the participation of different types of intermediates.

2. Classification of intermediates

Intermediates can be divided into various types according to their structural characteristics or the role they play in the reaction. For example, amides, carboxylic acid derivatives, methyl compounds, cationic intermediates, non-classical carbon ions, etc. Different types of intermediates have different reaction characteristics and reaction mechanisms.


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