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How to Use Kitchen Scissors


Kitchen Scissors has multiple functions and is one of my favorite Kitchen utensils. It is even more convenient to use than kitchen knives. If you have a multifunctional stainless steel kitchen Scissors, you can easily handle ingredients even if you don't have a cutting board at home.

1. The packaging of food materials can be cut open

Use scissors to cut the packaging incision clean and smooth, especially powder packaging, if you open the packaging by hand may cause the powder to splash around because of too much force, the use of scissors is convenient and clean.

2. Handle long strip vegetables such as garlic shoots, scallions and cilantro

You can use Kitchen Scissors to cut garlic shoots, scallions, or cilantro directly onto the cooking item, eliminating the need for a cutting board or knife.

3. Multi-functional Kitchen Scissors for meat processing

When cooking to split a whole chicken, like chicken wings, chicken feet and other joints, bone parts and even other meat cartilage parts, can be cut easily with kitchen scissors, save laborious chopping and avoid the splash of soup, maintain kitchen hygiene, very suitable for women.

4. Handle seafood ingredients

Using scissors to deal with shrimp and crabs with shells, such as shrimp lines or feet and whiskers, using scissors or scissors to deal with clean, convenient and sanitary

5. Shear treatment with foaming materials

Can be dried kelp or fungi and other ingredients with long foaming time cut into small sections, greatly shorten the foaming time, but also can cook directly.


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