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Electric Faucet selects matters for attention


What is an Electric Faucet

An Electric Faucet is similar to a gas water heater in our house, where cold water comes in and a steady stream of hot water appears, all on tap. An Electric Faucet usually waits about three to five seconds before running hot water. The general temperature of hot water is 60℃.

What are the benefits of Electric Faucet

An Electric Faucet doesn't have to cover a lot of ground, and it doesn't have to interfere with the routing of the faucet, or anything like rewiring. Just leave a hole in the sink for the faucet. Use energy saving to go out of the box, shut it down. Electric faucets are much more convenient and energy efficient than electric and gas water heaters, although they are more powerful in use.

Electric Faucet is mainly integrated and connected

The comparison of one piece, directly remove the original faucet if you do not want to remove the original faucet, can be applied to the connection type. The connection is done by adding a heating device to the outlet of the original faucet but the connection is only suitable for bubbler faucets and round faucets.

Electric Faucet selection

Because it involves electricity, safety is the key. And a good Electric Faucet must have water and water separation technology. Whether it's using opto-magnetic technology, or electric walls, you can keep water and electricity apart. So in the brand choice above, must choose big brand, small brand and miscellaneous brand try not to choose! We install an Electric Faucet to run hot water, but that doesn't mean we can't run cold water. But many of our home sinks now have only one Faucet hole, so when we buy an Electric Faucet, we have to buy one that supports switching between hot and cold water. At present, the common Electric Faucet spool on the market as long as it is steel ball valve core and ceramic spool. The steel ball valve core has good heat resistance, but because it is sealed with rubber rings, there will be wear and aging of the parts. Ceramic spool not only has good heat resistance, but also is not easy to wear and heat resistance. Therefore, the electric heating faucet with ceramic spool is preferred, and the heating module on the market is basically 304 stainless steel, so don't be too tangled in this respect. Power size Electric Faucet has high power to achieve rapid heating effect. And basically common power will be more than 3KW. This kind of high-power product may cause great pressure on old cell and old circuit. So before buying, the first thing to do is to determine whether their home circuit can bear so much power.


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