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Classification and maintenance of Hooks


Introduction to Hooks The classification of Hooks is very wide, generally including shackles, Hooks, piece Hooks, cast Hooks, rings, pear-shaped Hooks, Hooks, combination hooks, S hooks, nose hooks, American hooks, Angle hooks, eye sliders, hooks with secure hooks, chain shackles, etc. We will first introduce the following three kinds.

Tablet Hooks are divided into single Hooks and double hooks, generally made of C3 and 16Mn steel plates stacked into rivets. This kind of Hooks is simple in structure, reliable in operation and easy to repair. Single hook is used for casting crane, double hook is used for more than 100 tons of general purpose crane.

Casting Hooks Casting Hooks are classified into single hooks and double hooks. All over the use of 20, 20MnSi steel cast. Because of the single hook bias pain, the force is not as good as the symmetrical force of the double hook, so below 200 tons of small and medium-sized crane with single hook, more than 200 tons of large crane with double hook. 

These Hooks are very broad in use and are built into a series. Used for wire rope decoupling risk, because of equipment safety hook.

Hooks are better than Hooks in terms of force. Hooks are lighter in weight, but they are not as convenient to use as hooks, so hooks are far less useful. It is mainly used in frequent operation, heavy lifting crane. Its structure is divided into plenary type and articulated type two, the latter is used more.


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