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The Brief Introduction to Grate for Kinds of Boiler and Furnace


A grate is an essential component used in various types of boilers and furnaces. It plays a crucial role in the combustion process by providing a platform for the fuel to burn efficiently and effectively. The design and characteristics of the grate depend on the specific type of boiler or furnace and the type of fuel being burned. Let's explore the different types of grates used in boilers and furnaces:

1. Fixed Grate: A fixed grate is a stationary grate that remains in a fixed position during operation. It consists of a series of bars or plates that form a solid surface for the fuel bed. Fixed grates are commonly used in small-scale residential boilers and solid fuel-fired industrial boilers. They are suitable for burning solid fuels like coal, wood, or biomass.

2. Traveling Grate: A traveling grate, also known as a chain grate, is a continuously moving grate that transports the fuel through the combustion chamber. It consists of a chain belt or grate links that support and carry the fuel. Traveling grates are commonly used in larger industrial boilers and power plants, especially for solid fuels with low ash fusion temperatures, such as coal or biomass. The continuous movement of the grate helps promote better combustion and efficient fuel utilization.

3. Reciprocating Grate: A reciprocating grate is a back-and-forth moving grate that oscillates during operation. It consists of a series of bars or plates that move in a reciprocating motion to push the fuel bed forward and backward. Reciprocating grates are typically used in smaller boilers and solid fuel-fired furnaces. They are suitable for burning a variety of solid fuels, including coal, biomass, and municipal solid waste.

4. Fluidized Bed Grate: In a fluidized bed combustion system, a fluidized bed grate is used. It comprises a bed of granular material, such as sand or ash, through which combustion air is blown from underneath. The fuel is then introduced into the bed, where it combusts efficiently due to the high turbulence and mixing. Fluidized bed grates are commonly used in biomass-fired boilers and certain types of coal-fired boilers.

5. Step Grate: A step grate, also known as a stair grate or inclined grate, is a type of travelling grate that operates in steps. The fuel bed is divided into sections, and each section of the grate moves independently, creating a stepwise movement. Step grates are commonly used in biomass-fired boilers and certain types of waste-to-energy plants.

Each type of grate has its advantages and is suitable for specific applications and fuel types. The selection of the grate depends on factors such as the type and quality of the fuel, combustion efficiency requirements, and boiler or furnace design.

It's important to note that regular maintenance and cleaning of the grate are necessary to ensure proper operation and prevent any blockages or inefficiencies in the combustion process. Proper maintenance and operation of the grate for kinds of boiler and furnace contribute to the overall efficiency, performance, and longevity of the boiler or furnace.


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