Single Core Cable

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Ningbo Haoguang Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd.(Xiangshan Haoguang Electric Wire & Cable Co.,Ltd.) was established in 1994 and was restructured in 1996 to become a company limited by shares.

The company is located on the east coast of China,currently boasting 14,000 square meters of factory floor, ranges of advanced production equipment,testing equipment and other fixed assets and annual production of over hundred million meters of various types of wire and cable products.

Single Core Cable

Ningbo Haoguang Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd was established in 1994, as a professional China Single Core Cable manufacturers and China Single Core Cable suppliers, we are strong strength and complete management. Single core cable is made up of a single conductor covered by insulation. They are mainly used in power and lighting circuits, both domestic and commercial applications as hook-up wire. They are also used in the internal wiring of appliances suitable for installation in conduits and trunking.

Haoguang single core cable is high quality and safe, with the advantages of chemical resistance, durable, and long life time,complete in specifications,selling well all over the world.

Haoguang single core cable has various sizes and colors, the wires are comply with the UL,VDE certificated. and comply with RoHS and under regulation of REACH. our wires are competitive in price,stable quality,wide varieties. 

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